Crystal For Sagittarius Sun Sign

If you have a Sagittarius sun sign you tend to be adventurous and will go where most of the other signs won’t. You are the type that loves the journey rather than the getting there. Topaz works as your guide into the unknown and it also give you energy and allows you to trust the universe. Topaz also tends to bring you joy, abundance and basically all good things in life. It helps you achieve your goals and supports you in finding your inner self.

Turquoise on the other hand helps you along your journey and taps into your spiritual path. It creates the knowing that all your answers lie within and if you are a speaker or have reason to speak in front of a crowd it will calm your nerves and give you clear speech.

You value what is true and are a true seeker of knowledge and Topaz helps you connect to your inner wisdom and resources of learning. You are a natural teacher and are known to be able to answer mystical questions.

If you carry Labradorite it will stimulate your intuition and could even assist you in becoming a spiritual mentor. You can tend to be restless and always be living in the future, sort of like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. With this restlessness comes the tendency to move on rather than stay and work things out.

Charoite assists you in staying in the moment and the feeling that everything is perfect in the now and to be able to find the gift in the present moments and it can tend to ground you into your spiritual being.

You can have an issue with speaking before thinking and red tourmaline can assist with this tendency and create more tact in your speaking to others. Even though you like to talk about others feelings, your own personal feelings are a different story, you tend not to be real comfortable with emotions, having a Blue Lace Agate will smooth some of this discomfort out for you.

Your areas of weakness in your body are the hips and the liver; you can use a Smoky Quartz for healing these areas and/or always carry as a protection. You can tend towards burnout and if this happens to you, carry a Ruby for awhile and you will find that you will be recharged right back to normal.

3 Keys To The Mind Body Spirit Business And Life

If will power were the way to change your life, it would be easy. Unfortunately, will power isn’t enough. If you want to change your life, then you need a plan, and it requires you to start with your belief. To try and separate the mind, body and spirit in order to enact change in your life won’t work.

Making change is based on universal human truth and laws of the universe. These laws work the same way every time for every person as long as you implement them.

The three keys you need to address to enact true and lasting change are the mind, body and spirit. When you change these areas, then it will affect the three major areas of your life: health, wealth and relationships.

1. The Mind

What you believe is absolutely crucial to your success. A faulty belief system keeps you from reaching your goals and achieving your goals because you don’t believe you can. When these beliefs are rooted in your subconscious mind, they are difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. You must change what you think, the way you think and what you believe in order to influence the mind.

2. The Body

If your body is out of shape, overweight or sick, then it’s difficult to make change because you simply don’t have the energy. According to Dr. Alex Loyd in “The Healing Codes,” and he backs this up with scientific studies, memories are not stored in the mind. They are stored in the cells. The body must work in tangent with the mind and spirit, and in order to do that, your body must be healthy and have the energy necessary to do the work you need to do to reach your goals. Eliminating the negative memories stored in your cells frees up energy to give you more energy to accomplish your tasks each day.

3. The Spirit

Call it soul, spirit or consciousness, this is the part of you that contains personality, perceptions, feelings and thoughts beyond the logical mind. Some see this part of you as eternal. Regardless of your belief about this part of you, it is the part that makes you who you are as an individual. It is the part of you that perceives the world, and if you don’t nourish and grow it, it is impossible to change.

The three most important areas of your life are health, wealth and relationships. With good health, you have the energy to accomplish your goals. Wealth, including money, gives you the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Good relationships make your life happy and meaningful. Your focus when changing the three keys is these three areas.

To get started the system is simple, and it occurs in three parts: 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of meditation. Exercise improves your body, reading inspirational material changes your mind and meditation improves your spirit by helping you focus, learn to relax and reach those internal beliefs you don’t consciously recognize.

By using this system consistently and applying repetition, it allows you to change your belief system, improve your body, reduce stress and focus on your goals. Once you feel better, then you have the energy and mindset necessary to set a goal in the areas of health, wealth and relationships to improve your life and achieve what you want to achieve.

Enlightenment Of Women Is A New Step Of Humanity

Starting from the beginning of human civilization women have been regarded as an inferior race among human beings. They have always been treated as slave by the men. They were never given the opportunity to rise up in the society. Those who tried to break this chain and rise up were exterminated. They were always kept suppressed by the men. This foul mentality is prevalent among human beings till today. Women are treated as slave in many countries. They do not get the same privilege as that of men. Women cannot move freely, talk to others freely; moreover, they were not given the permission to do that. Women were bound to listen to the orders of men and they could not deny that. Due to this malpractice prevalent for thousands of years, women forgot what they were. There mentality degenerated totally.

However, this situation is changing nowadays. Various women welfare organizations have come forward for the empowerment of women. They are trying to return back the self respect that women lost hundreds of years ago. Women have forgotten the essence of life; they cannot go out freely nor do any of their personal works freely. All they have to do is follow men’s order. These woman empowerment organizations enlighten women and help them to break free from all these bonding and fly high in the sky.

The women empowerment organizations conduct various programs which help the women get some relief from the hard work they do all day long. The events organized in these places are very effective for the relaxation of women’s mind, body and spirit. All the programs held in here are arranged in such a way that a woman can feel free while discussing about their personal problems. Men are not allowed to attend these conferences and events; as a result a woman is surrounded only by other women. While being surrounded by feminine energy a woman can reveal herself to the full extent. They are able to do things that they have never done before. The deepest desire of their mind comes out during these women’s events.

The woman empowerment organizations have brought a massive revolution in our society. The organizations have succeeded in helping many women to achieve their goal in life. Women are rising in many parts of our society. They have outraced men in different aspects of our daily life. However, women empowerment is not an easy task. It takes very long time to help a woman unleash her full potential in life. This is quiet similar to the birth of a bird, breaking out of the egg shell. A woman stays inside such a shell the whole life; among them some women get to the woman empowerment organizations where they get a new life. As if they are reborn with new view towards life, with endless zeal and self confidence.

We must lend our hands to the woman empowerment organizations, so that they can get extra back up and power to help women fight for their right and achieve them.

Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Vision Board

Most of us have heard of treasure mapping, it is where you make a collage of pictures or words of things you wish to do, items you want, the life you want to live, the things you want to do in your life.

A vision board is a powerful visual tool to set your intentions in place and they are so simple that primary school children can learn to make them in 5 minutes or less. They are great family projects and are usually made on large poster boards with a collage of pictures of the items the family wants or strives for. The whole family can get involved in the vision of what the family wants to accomplish, for this reason I like to call them Vision Maps, as it takes everyone’s mind on their own journey so to speak.

Vision Boards are destined to become the most financially life changing tool of our times as they can be the key to attracting everything you want into your life. They are a terrific tool that combines all of these success and motivation techniques that are available to us today and keep them all in one spot where we can view them on a daily basis. In a way they are like a time capsule and you can make new updated ones and watch your growth and the things in your life manifest, it is a perfect way to keep track of your growth and progress.

With all the new technology available now the actual vision board is rather obsolete as now there is an even a more catchy and fun way to view your vision board and that is on a video; which I am going to call Vision Map Video. What you can do is take all the things you have on your vision board and make a movie out of it with positive affirmations between the slides. This way you can get better, clearer pictures. The actual physical vision boards can be frustrating because it’s hard to find the exact picture you want quickly from magazines and when pasted on, it can mess up your vision board. It is time to throw out the scissors, glue and stacks of old magazines and move into the digital age.

Now you can just turn on your computer; watch your vision map and not only are you watching something fun and catchy you are manifesting all the things you want in your life. It will easy to get your kids to watch it also as we are definitely in the age visualization and like to watch things visually.

Vision Maps are one of the most powerful tools in the deliberate creator’s toolbox. They are the best way to visualize what you intend to manifest in your life and are powerful tools when used in conjunction with the law of attraction. It is also a great way to help keep your dreams in front of you. You can see a Vision Map by visiting my website and I personalize them to suite your wants and needs. This is the new digital age version of the vision board, treasure mapping whatever we have called them before, move into the digital age with Vision Map Videos.

With so many things going on in our life some times it is hard to keep our focus, so this is a great way to keep us focused on abundance, joy, or a relationship that is important to us.

Vision Boards are too large to carry around, but we always have a computer close by these days, so there is your Vision Map right there nice and handy to watch any time you need it. They should be watch at least once a day, twice a day makes the manifestation speed up and things happen quicker.