Crystal For Sagittarius Sun Sign

If you have a Sagittarius sun sign you tend to be adventurous and will go where most of the other signs won’t. You are the type that loves the journey rather than the getting there. Topaz works as your guide into the unknown and it also give you energy and allows you to trust the universe. Topaz also tends to bring you joy, abundance and basically all good things in life. It helps you achieve your goals and supports you in finding your inner self.

Turquoise on the other hand helps you along your journey and taps into your spiritual path. It creates the knowing that all your answers lie within and if you are a speaker or have reason to speak in front of a crowd it will calm your nerves and give you clear speech.

You value what is true and are a true seeker of knowledge and Topaz helps you connect to your inner wisdom and resources of learning. You are a natural teacher and are known to be able to answer mystical questions.

If you carry Labradorite it will stimulate your intuition and could even assist you in becoming a spiritual mentor. You can tend to be restless and always be living in the future, sort of like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. With this restlessness comes the tendency to move on rather than stay and work things out.

Charoite assists you in staying in the moment and the feeling that everything is perfect in the now and to be able to find the gift in the present moments and it can tend to ground you into your spiritual being.

You can have an issue with speaking before thinking and red tourmaline can assist with this tendency and create more tact in your speaking to others. Even though you like to talk about others feelings, your own personal feelings are a different story, you tend not to be real comfortable with emotions, having a Blue Lace Agate will smooth some of this discomfort out for you.

Your areas of weakness in your body are the hips and the liver; you can use a Smoky Quartz for healing these areas and/or always carry as a protection. You can tend towards burnout and if this happens to you, carry a Ruby for awhile and you will find that you will be recharged right back to normal.