Emotional Balance Is Essential For Healthy Living

Emotional balance is considered mastered when our mind, body and spirit are in line with each other and we are in a space where we have done our inner work and we feel at peace. We need to pay attention that all situations and life issues are resolved, or at least aired, and pay attention to the feelings that emerge from within us.

Many times our emotional balance is ignored and passed off as stress, discomfort, boredom and distraction; and we try and fix it by all sorts of ways that really just don’t work. Some of those fix-it methods are eating, eating comfort foods, shopping, sex, gambling, drinking, over working, and the list can go one, and we never get to the core of why we just can’t feel better.

Emotional balance is as important as any other health aspect and some times even more, as it can accelerate our other health issues, in fact it can actually be the cause of other health issues. It is one of the most important aspects to the whole body balance.

When you are out of balance it creates stress and conflict in your relationships; and that is all of your relationships, which include family, employment, road rage, marital, friendships and right down to the shopping clerk. So you can see how emotional balance is as important as physical health, in fact even more so as it effects your physical health. You truly can’t improve your physical health with out balancing your emotional.

A regular spiritual practice can greatly assist in centering you and maintaining clarity about those aspects of your life, which are truly important. This can be any kind of spiritual practice including yoga, meditation, qi gong, prayer, EFT; it is something good to practice on a daily basis and preferably in the morning and the evening. Feng sui is great for peace and tranquility in the home and work space, as with the proper placement of objects and de-clutter, it creates a calm soothing energy in your space.

If you feel your emotional balance is off, improving your diet is one positive step you can take, your mind, body and spirit can work much closer together if your food intake is in balance, that means eliminating items such as caffeine, sugar, processed foods, soda, alcohol, cigarettes and eating whole, organic foods.

Work on creating a positive outlook and attitude on life, always look for the good in everything and start being grateful, especially when you feel there isn’t anything to be grateful for; you can always find something. When you do this it shifts your energy into balance. You will feel lighter, brighter and much more healthy.

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