Enlightenment Of Women Is A New Step Of Humanity

Starting from the beginning of human civilization women have been regarded as an inferior race among human beings. They have always been treated as slave by the men. They were never given the opportunity to rise up in the society. Those who tried to break this chain and rise up were exterminated. They were always kept suppressed by the men. This foul mentality is prevalent among human beings till today. Women are treated as slave in many countries. They do not get the same privilege as that of men. Women cannot move freely, talk to others freely; moreover, they were not given the permission to do that. Women were bound to listen to the orders of men and they could not deny that. Due to this malpractice prevalent for thousands of years, women forgot what they were. There mentality degenerated totally.

However, this situation is changing nowadays. Various women welfare organizations have come forward for the empowerment of women. They are trying to return back the self respect that women lost hundreds of years ago. Women have forgotten the essence of life; they cannot go out freely nor do any of their personal works freely. All they have to do is follow men’s order. These woman empowerment organizations enlighten women and help them to break free from all these bonding and fly high in the sky.

The women empowerment organizations conduct various programs which help the women get some relief from the hard work they do all day long. The events organized in these places are very effective for the relaxation of women’s mind, body and spirit. All the programs held in here are arranged in such a way that a woman can feel free while discussing about their personal problems. Men are not allowed to attend these conferences and events; as a result a woman is surrounded only by other women. While being surrounded by feminine energy a woman can reveal herself to the full extent. They are able to do things that they have never done before. The deepest desire of their mind comes out during these women’s events.

The woman empowerment organizations have brought a massive revolution in our society. The organizations have succeeded in helping many women to achieve their goal in life. Women are rising in many parts of our society. They have outraced men in different aspects of our daily life. However, women empowerment is not an easy task. It takes very long time to help a woman unleash her full potential in life. This is quiet similar to the birth of a bird, breaking out of the egg shell. A woman stays inside such a shell the whole life; among them some women get to the woman empowerment organizations where they get a new life. As if they are reborn with new view towards life, with endless zeal and self confidence.

We must lend our hands to the woman empowerment organizations, so that they can get extra back up and power to help women fight for their right and achieve them.

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